Your Guide on Where to Stay in Cappadocia – Find Your Ideal Spot

cappadocia where to stay

Cappadocia, Turkey, is a fascinating destination with breathtaking natural wonders, ancient history, and unique cultural experiences. When planning your trip, finding the perfect place to stay is essential to make the most of your adventure. Whether you want to explore the bustling town of Goreme, enjoy a peaceful retreat in Uchisar, or experience the one-of-a-kind cave hotels, we’ll guide you in this comprehensive article to find your ideal spot in Cappadocia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cappadocia offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all preferences and budgets.
  • The best areas to stay in Cappadocia include Goreme, Uchisar, and other charming villages.
  • Cappadocia is renowned for its unique cave hotels, luxury resorts, and budget-friendly options.
  • Choosing the right accommodation can enhance your Cappadocia adventure and provide unforgettable experiences.
  • By considering your preferences and the highlights of each area, you can find the perfect spot to stay in Cappadocia and create memories to last a lifetime.

Exploring the Best Areas to Stay in Cappadocia

When it comes to deciding where to stay in Cappadocia, it’s important to consider the areas’ unique features and what you’re looking for in your experience. Here, we’ll explore the best areas in Cappadocia, each with its own charm and advantages.


Goreme is the heart of Cappadocia and a popular choice for tourists. This bustling town offers easy access to Cappadocia’s major attractions and a lively atmosphere. From panoramic views of the hot air balloons rising over the iconic fairy chimneys to the bustling local markets, Goreme has something for everyone. The town boasts a wide range of accommodations, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels. For a unique experience, consider staying in one of the town’s cave hotels.


If you’re looking for a more tranquil experience, Uchisar is the perfect choice. Perched on a hilltop, this serene village offers unparalleled panoramic views of Cappadocia’s stunning landscapes. Uchisar is home to several boutique cave hotels, providing an authentic experience that will transport you to another world. The village’s winding streets and charming local shops provide a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


For those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience, Avanos is a hidden gem that offers a truly authentic Cappadocian experience. This small town sits on the banks of the Kizilirmak River and is known for its traditional pottery making. Visitors can watch artisans at work or take a pottery-making class themselves. Avanos offers a range of accommodations, from family-run guesthouses to cozy boutique hotels.


Urgup is another charming town in Cappadocia that offers a mix of traditional and modern experiences. The town’s historic center is home to several boutique hotels housed in restored Ottoman mansions. Urgup is also known for its wine industry, and visitors can explore the town’s vineyards or indulge in a wine tasting. With a range of accommodations and activities, Urgup is an excellent base for exploring Cappadocia.


Choosing where to stay in Cappadocia can greatly impact your experience. By considering the different features and advantages of each area, you can find the perfect spot for your Cappadocia adventure. From the bustling town of Goreme to the tranquil village of Uchisar or the authentic experience in Avanos and Urgup, the options are endless. Start planning your Cappadocia trip and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Top Accommodations in Cappadocia

Cappadocia offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every budget and taste. From luxurious resorts to cozy cave houses, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the top accommodations in Cappadocia:

Luxury Hotels

Hotel Name Location
Argos in Cappadocia Urgup
Sultan Cave Suites Goreme
Museum Hotel Uchisar

Luxury hotels in Cappadocia offer high-end amenities, stunning views, and exceptional service. Argos in Cappadocia features spacious rooms with beautiful garden views, a heated outdoor infinity pool, and a spa. Sultan Cave Suites boast elegant cave rooms with breathtaking views of the hot air balloons, and an outdoor pool with a terrace. The Museum Hotel is a restored ancient mansion with spacious rooms decorated with antiques, a swimming pool, and a spa.

Boutique Cave Hotels

Hotel Name Location
Kelebek Special Cave Hotel Goreme
Henna Konak Hotel Uchisar
Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa Urgup

Boutique cave hotels offer a unique experience, with rooms carved into the rock formations. Kelebek Special Cave Hotel features traditional decorated rooms with private balconies, a sauna, and a Turkish bath. Henna Konak Hotel is a charming hotel offering rooms with hand-carved stone details, a cozy fireplace, and a panoramic terrace. Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa offers luxurious rooms with beautiful views, a spa, a wellness center, and an indoor swimming pool.

Budget Accommodations

Hotel Name Location
Heybe Hotel Urgup
Miras Hotel Goreme
Osmanbey Cave House Uchisar

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of affordable options in Cappadocia. Heybe Hotel offers comfortable rooms, a terrace with panoramic views, and a Turkish breakfast. Miras Hotel features cozy cave rooms with beautiful views, a garden, and a terrace. Osmanbey Cave House offers affordable cave rooms with traditional decor and a peaceful garden.

Unique Stays

Hotel Name Location
Sultan Cave Suites Goreme
Les Maisons De Cappadoce Uchisar
Terra Cave Hotel Ortahisar

For a truly unique experience, consider staying in one of Cappadocia’s cave hotels. Sultan Cave Suites offers elegant and spacious cave rooms with private balconies and stunning views. Les Maisons De Cappadoce is a beautiful property featuring individually designed cave rooms with antique furnishings and a terrace offering panoramic views. Terra Cave Hotel is a charming hotel featuring cave rooms with hand-carved stone details, a charming garden, and a terrace.

Goreme – The Heart of Cappadocia

If you’re looking for a central location with a bustling atmosphere, Goreme is the perfect spot to stay. This charming town is located in the heart of Cappadocia, making it an ideal base for exploring the region’s iconic landscapes and cultural treasures.

Goreme is renowned for its stunning views of the fairy chimneys, which are unique rock formations that dot the landscape. The town is also home to several must-see attractions, such as the Goreme Open-Air Museum and the Uchisar Castle.

Hotel Name Price Range Highlight Features
Kelebek Special Cave Hotel $$ – $$$ Unique cave rooms, panoramic views, Turkish bath
Sultan Cave Suites $$$ Spacious suites, private terraces, outdoor jacuzzi
Mithra Cave Hotel $ – $$ Cozy cave rooms, central location, homemade breakfast

There are plenty of accommodation options in Goreme, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious cave hotels. For a truly unique experience, we recommend staying in one of the town’s cave hotels, which offer a one-of-a-kind stay in a unique setting.

The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel is a popular choice, with its cozy cave rooms, stunning panoramic views, and Turkish bath. The Sultan Cave Suites is another top-rated hotel that offers spacious suites with private terraces and an outdoor jacuzzi. Budget-conscious travelers will appreciate the Mithra Cave Hotel, which offers cozy cave rooms and a homemade breakfast.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with friends and family, Goreme offers a fantastic range of accommodation options that cater to every budget and preference. Choose your base in Goreme to enjoy all that Cappadocia has to offer.

Uchisar – Serenity and Spectacular Views

If you’re seeking a more serene and tranquil experience in Cappadocia, Uchisar is the perfect choice. This village is perched on a hilltop, providing stunning panoramic views of Cappadocia’s iconic landscapes. Uchisar is a great escape from the bustling towns of Cappadocia, offering a peaceful retreat and an authentic village experience.

While Uchisar is quieter than other areas, it still offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses. Some of the best hotels in Uchisar offer unique cave rooms, exceptional service, and breathtaking views from their terraces.

Hotel Name Features Price Range (per night)
Argos in Cappadocia Historical mansion, cave suites with Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, wine-tasting, terrace with panoramic views $$$
Mithra Cave Hotel Cave rooms and suites, hammam (Turkish bath), outdoor pool, terrace with views, shuttle service $$
Narcisse Hotel Boutique hotel, cave rooms, terrace with views, on-site restaurant, shuttle service $

Aside from stunning views and comfortable accommodations, Uchisar offers many activities and attractions nearby. The Uchisar Castle is a must-see, offering a panoramic view of the unique Cappadocia landscape. The Pigeon Valley, situated just below the Uchisar Castle, is another popular attraction. Here, you can witness the unique pigeon houses and learn more about the area’s history and culture.

Looking for a more adventurous experience? The Love Valley hiking trail, rated as one of the best trails in Cappadocia, is easily accessible from Uchisar. Take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset and see the stunning views from above.

Uchisar is an ideal place to stay in Cappadocia for those who want to embrace the peace and tranquility of the region without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Choose from a variety of accommodation options, explore the spectacular views and attractions nearby, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Unique Stays in Cappadocia

When it comes to unique stays in Cappadocia, the region’s cave hotels are the standout choice. These hotels offer a one-of-a-kind experience that will transport you to another world. Here are our top picks for boutique cave hotels in Cappadocia:

Hotel Name Location Price per Night Features
Kayakapi Premium Caves Urgup $400-$1,500 Spa, Turkish bath, panoramic views
Museum Hotel Uchisar $500-$2,000 Artifacts and antiques in rooms, infinity pool, terrace restaurant
Sultan Cave Suites Goreme $150-$500 Terrace with hot tub, stunning views, Turkish breakfast
Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa Uchisar $300-$1,000 Spa, indoor and outdoor pools, cave restaurant

From the luxurious Kayakapi Premium Caves to the budget-friendly Sultan Cave Suites, these hotels offer a range of experiences for any budget. Each hotel has its unique features, from panoramic views to terrace restaurants, making it easy to find a cave hotel that suits your preferences.

But cave hotels aren’t the only unique accommodations in Cappadocia. For a cozy and authentic experience, you can also opt for a cave house. These spaces offer a homey feel and a glimpse into the region’s traditional architecture. Some cave houses even come with a kitchen, allowing you to cook your meals and truly feel at home.

Whichever unique stay you choose in Cappadocia, you’re sure to have a memorable experience in this enchanting region.


With its stunning landscapes, unique cave hotels, and charming villages, Cappadocia is an ideal destination for any traveler. By exploring the best areas to stay and top accommodations, you can find the perfect spot to call home during your visit.

Whether you’re seeking luxury or budget-friendly accommodations, Cappadocia has something for everyone. The centrally located Goreme offers a lively atmosphere with easy access to major attractions, while the serene Uchisar provides a peaceful retreat with breathtaking views.

For a truly unforgettable experience, consider booking a stay at one of Cappadocia’s unique cave hotels. From luxurious cave suites to cozy cave houses, these accommodations offer a one-of-a-kind experience that will transport you to a magical world.

Start planning your Cappadocia adventure now and create memories that will last a lifetime. By considering your preferences and the highlights of each area, you can find the ideal spot to stay in Cappadocia. Don’t miss out on the beauty and charm of this fascinating region.

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Q: Where is Cappadocia located?

A: Cappadocia is located in central Turkey.

Q: What are the best areas to stay in Cappadocia?

A: The best areas to stay in Cappadocia are Goreme and Uchisar.

Q: What types of accommodations are available in Cappadocia?

A: Cappadocia offers a range of accommodations, including boutique cave hotels, luxury hotels, and budget-friendly options.

Q: What makes Cappadocia’s cave hotels unique?

A: Cappadocia’s cave hotels are unique because they are built within ancient cave formations, offering a truly immersive and one-of-a-kind experience.

Q: Are there accommodations with scenic views in Cappadocia?

A: Yes, many accommodations in Cappadocia offer stunning views of the surreal landscapes and rock formations.

Q: What are some popular attractions in Cappadocia?

A: Some popular attractions in Cappadocia include the Goreme Open Air Museum, Uchisar Castle, and the Fairy Chimneys.

Q: How can I choose the best accommodation in Cappadocia?

A: To choose the best accommodation in Cappadocia, consider your preferences, such as location, budget, and amenities. It can also be helpful to read reviews and browse through different options before making a decision.

Q: Is it safe to travel to Cappadocia?

A: Yes, Cappadocia is generally considered a safe travel destination. However, it’s always recommended to take normal safety precautions and stay informed about any travel advisories.

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